Good Morning, Good Morning

Hello, and welcome to my blog, Red Beets & Rock and Roll. I finally decided to join the blogosphere, so to speak, and contribute my thoughts and ideas on the vegan lifestyle, from recipes to new records to whatever else may strike my fancy. Hopefully everyone will take in what I have to present, and be inspired to do a bit of creating / listening/reading on their own time. While I would love to share a recipe with you this morning, I feel that there is more pressing information to share, via Here is the investigation conducted on a number of 'vegan' restaurants in Los Angeles, and the information is quite startling. While I am an East Coast dweller through and through, and in another major metropolitan city known for its great vegan options, reading information like this has caused me to think about what is actually going into my body when I dine at some of my staple restaurants here in New York City. As consumers in general, we expect food and products to meet our standards. As vegans, we trust and rely on the word of the manufacturer or preparer, whom we hope is as understanding and compassionate as we are; not someone who is just out to monopolize on a 'growing trend', so to speak. I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.

On another note, we have finally reached a sunny stretch in Brooklyn, and it's amazing! I think it's time to start getting out and enjoying the day.

--Miss Christina

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