Vegan Mofo!

Greetings and Salutations! I inadvertently took the summer off from writing, which I do regret. Between vacations and birthday parties, piano lessons starting up again and more work getting thrown in, August and September were hectic, to say the least. But! I am back! And with a vengance. In order to kick-start good habits and jump into the swing of things, I have decided to take place in the third edition of VeganMoFo, a month long participatory event in which bloggers from across the globe (!) will be writing about veganism and vegan food every day. The goal is to great a huge network of vegan blogs all over, and to turn others who may not be familiar with veganism or awesome vegan food, into vegan food dabblers (if not lovers). To get into the spirit of things some of the NYC-based bloggers met up tonite for dinner at Lan Cafe and dessert at Stogo. Unfortunately I was only able to get to Stogo, and at the tail end of things at that, but who can turn down vegan ice cream, even when it's all of 55-60 degrees outside? Not me, says me. On the way to Stogo, my roommate Rachael and I made up advertisement songs for Stogo using old go-go themed 60s' songs such as 'Go Go Gorilla' (Stogo Gorilla) and 'Going to a Go-Go' (Going to a Stogo). Ha ha ha. And if that weren't enough, my ice cream high (a mix of salted caramel pecan and fudge brownie) has allowed me to decide that starting off Vegan MoFo with a picture of my vegan refrigerator is a beautiful way to begin. Here it is below:
Vegan Refrigerator is quite decorated, mainly with cards and pictures of things my friends or I have been involved in. The postcards on the bottom are from my friend Charles' label Killer Diller Records (which is the home of fine music), and is a fine internet radio station playing you garage, tropicalia, power pop, etc etc. Of course, we have the pig woof flier to remind you that pigs are friends, not food. Vegan Refrigerator will be providing fresh vegetables and other sundries for me to write about over the next month, so stay tuned!


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