Vegan Mofo: Greetings from Minneapolis! (aka Goodbye Gourmet)

I took a few days off from writing on here, as Frank and I are in Minneapolis staying with some friends. Look out for pictures early next week, when I provide a pictoral round-up of the important things that we did / encountered. So far, we have done a bit of vegetable grilling (right before the first snowfall of the season!) and vintage shopping, always two favorable things, considering that living in Brooklyn makes it hard to have a grill and finding vintage clothes that fit my newly diminished size at my local Brooklyn haunts has also proven to be difficult. Never fear- Buffalo Exchange in Minneapolis to the rescue!

In order to provide you with an adequate posting today, I am going to bring up the demise of Gourmet Magazine. Now, I know that this magazine never was anything CLOSE to being vegan, but there were often surprise recipes that could be found or easily converted into vegan choices if one chose to do so. As someone who is always looking for creative inspiration, I always read Gourmet when I was able to get my hands on it, and in recent months have taken to exploring the website for ideas for our CSA veggies. Others in the food-writing world have argued that the demise of Gourmet is the end of an era, as it really paved the way for food magazines, and more luxurious home cooking / appreciation of food and good living in general. Look at the evolution of vegan cookbooks- I honestly believe that if a magazine such as Gourmet was not in existence and people were not inspired by creative food treatments, there would not be the rise in creative vegan cooking that has come forth in the last 10 years. Honestly, it is quite incredible! So without further rambling, I am going to present to you guess-what-they're-vegan recipes for mixing and matching full-course meals, an article on vegan baking, and coming later in the weekend, my own veganization of a not-so vegan menu.


Curried Carrot Almond Soup
Creamy Corn Soup with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Side Greens:

Swiss Chard with Almonds and Raisins
Golden Beet and Sunflower Salad

Main Course:
Vegetarian Cassoulet
Spaghetti with Cauliflower, Green Olives, and Almonds

Vegan Desserts 2.0
Mexican Chocolate Pudding


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