Minneapolis, Part 2

I believe that I left off after out fantastic adventure to Ecopolitan. Unfortunately for you all we did not do much more eating out, but we did explore the city a bit more and managed to throw together a fantastic parting meal at our friends' house. We were unexpectedly doused with about 4 inches of snow from Sunday evening into Monday morning, and thus our flight was pushed back until Tuesday morning. Sunday nite we went to the Twins vs. Yankees game, a monumental game since the Twins are moving into a new stadium next season, and Frank and I are *not* Yankees fans (and in fact, I'm not much of a baseball fan at all... I much prefer my old standby Buffalo Sabres). There were over 54,000 people there!
snow snow snow


Afterwards we went and ate at Sawatdee, but I have no pictures to prove it. However I will tell you that the hot and sour soup is some of the best that Frank and I have tasted- it is extremely spicy and vinegar-y and packed with a huge array of vegetables, from broccoli and cauliflower to cabbage and mushrooms. I highly recommend it!

Monday was spent enjoying our extra day exploring Minneapolis / St. Paul a bit more. Even though it's not food, I figure that this picture is appropriate because it's *almost* food:

Walker Sculpture Garden

Dinner Monday was an array of our left over grilled vegetables from Friday and a few fresh ones, all put together in a stir-fry with sesame noodles that Amanda made, and accompanied by miso soup. Very nice for a cold nite, and a great ending to a fantastic trip.
Grilled sweet potato, onion, eggplant and zucchini

Fresh vegetables to mix in

The stir-fry being, uh, stirred by Frank


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