Not Meat and Not Potatoes

'What?' You may be asking. 'Not meat AND not potatoes? And to that, I reply, 'Oh yes'.

Meat substitutions are fairly common in the vegan/vegetarian diet, but so are potatoes in all of their potato goodness. So what stands in their place when you decide you would like a break from them? Turnips. Ah, the almighty turnip. They were a part of our CSA share last week, and basically inspired the whole mea

'Why not make mashed turnips and gravy, with brussels sprouts and a 'meaty' side?', I questioned out loud to Frank. The reply was very much in favor of such an idea, so that's what I did. Now I must say that I relied on old cookbook friends to help me along with parts of this meal, simply because I'm not a vegan meat and potatoes type of eater, and neither is Frank. In fact, as we were eating, I realized that I only eat these types of meals at holiday tables.

The turnips from the CSA were so fresh and delicious that all I did to them was boil and puree with a bit of almond milk. No peeling, no oil, no butter, no seasonings... and very very good. You may have to alter this based on the freshness of your turnips, but I highly recommend that you go out RIGHT NOW and get yourself some. You will like them. If they are good enough for Peter Cottontail, they are certainly good enough for you.

The meat and gravy were culled from
Veganomicon and Vegan With a Vengeance. The ever-popular chickpea cutlets were used as our meat analogue of choice, and, because Frank and I are cooking for my family at Thanksgiving, we gave the Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy a spin. It's amazing! On its own, on turnips, and on chickpea cutlets, it is quite the gravy.

Be prepared to spend some time putting this meal together; I recommend a cold damp day with records like Rockpile's
Seconds of Pleasure on the turntable. Simple, yet catchy and brilliant. Just like the meal itself.


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